Spinal Cord Stimulators in St. Petersburg & Largo, FL


Sometimes patients experience such a high degree of chronic spinal cord pain that they truly cannot function as they used to. In addition, patients feel as though they have exhausted all treatment options and are no longer getting the best results from prescribed pain medication. Spinal cord stimulation therapy can reduce overall pain and can even free you from the hold of painkillers.

Spinal Cord Stimulators Treat Many Spinal Pain Conditions in St. Petersburg FL

Spinal Pain Conditions

While this is not the first form of treatment that an experienced pain management doctor will choose, if you have exhausted other proven methods, another option can be spinal cord stimulation. The process involves a trial period before you get your permanent spinal cord stimulator implant. The conditions that can be treated by spinal cord stimulators are:

Arachnoiditis Peripheral Neuropathy
Chronic Back Pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
Spinal Stenosis

Your chronic pain can be alleviated with spinal cord stimulation in St. Petersburg FL.

Pain Relief Centers Will Improve Your Quality of Life in St. Petersburg FL

When you schedule your first appointment with a pain management doctor at Pain Relief Centers, you will consult with the doctor and discuss your pain and medical history. Sometimes the cause of these conditions can be difficult to pinpoint. Our experienced doctors explore forms of medication available such as Tramadol online to patients and may even consider spinal cord stimulators.

Benefits of a Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant in St. Petersburg FL

When you choose to get treatment with spinal cord stimulators, there are many advantages that you may experience from this solution, which can include:

It offers focused pain control
The implant is easily reversible
The implant is under the skin so you can still swim and travel freely
The option for a trial treatment before a permanent implantation
The procedure is non-surgical
The treatment can be increased or lowered as needed
You may see a reduction in your use of painkillers

The relief provided by a spinal cord stimulator can influence your quality of life and get you back to enjoying the activities you love. There are continuing improvements in the field of spinal cord stimulation and the doctors of Pain Relief Centers can offer you relief.