Can Consumption Of Soma Cause Latent Tetany?


Latent tetany is medical condition that is caused when there is the application of electrical or could be mechanical stimulation. The symptoms of latent tetany are weakness and cramping of the hands and the feet. Some avoid taking medications like Soma for pain relief treatment fearing the cases of having a tetany. In order to clear the common misconception, one need to know what you will be experiencing after using Soma which is generally linked with symptoms of tetany.

Why is Soma usage linked to latent tetany?

Soma for Latent Tetany

There is no latent tetany which is reported by the persons buying Soma. It is primarily used as a muscle relaxant. It is used to block the pain sensations between the nerves as well as the brain and along with the physical treatment and rest. People suffering from musculoskeletal conditions find relief when they regularly administer Soma. It does have side effects like dizziness or drowsiness, agitation, nervousness, headaches, irritability, insomnia, depression, upset stomach, hiccups, nausea, blurred vision etc. but there are no proven cases of latent tetany being caused by Soma drug.

But even minor Soma doses are not supposed to be given to those people who suffer from seizures, epilepsy, kidney or liver disease and in some rare cases it does cause hives, swelling of the throat, tongue, face but latent tetany is not part of its side effects.

What are the signs of latent tetany?

There are a number of signs that the person has latent tetany and they can be elicited when the facial nerve is tapped. It is done by just the anterior to the earlobe and the place which is below the zygomatic arch or it is done either between the corner of the mouth and the zygomatic arch. When this is done there is a twitching of the lips either at the corner of the mouth or a spasm of the facial muscles or such signs.

The another way to check latent tetany is to apply the blood pressure cuff to the patient’s arm and to inflate the cuff and keep it for around 4 minutes. There will be a carpal spasm or paresthesia of the fingers felt or there will be twitching of the fingers or muscular fasciculations and cramping or stiffness. However, this could happen even for hysterical subjects or people who are in semi titanic positions for hours like seamstresses or leather stitches. It is rarely positive only in the arm that is dominant.

What are the other Soma side effects?

The total listing of side effects after Soma use is black and tarry stools, chills, chest pain, cold sweats, confusion, cough, convulsions, faintness, and light-headedness when getting up or even dizziness, irregular heartbeats, fever and loss of bladder control. There are muscle spasms and jerking but this is only in extremely rare cases. The other rare symptoms are a sore throat, shortness of breathing, loss of consciousness, unusual bleeding and bruising, weakness and tiredness, swollen glands and white spots on the lips and mouth as well as sores and ulcers.

Therefore, even though under normal circumstances, purchasing and consuming Soma medication from an online pharmacy or from local drugstore does not cause latent tetany one should contact the medical practitioner if one suffers from the rare side effects which include twisting movements.