Is Soma 350mg the best dosage?

soma 350mgYes, Soma 350mg is the best dosage, basically, Soma or Carisoprodol is prescribed for relief from pain due to muscle spasm and other musculoskeletal disorders. Carisoprodol acts on the central nervous system and blocks the nervous system from signaling the brain to feel the pain. There are 2 different dosages which are available. Here you will come to know what are the available dosages and from that why Soma 350mg is the best one?

Soma 350mg dosage information

This Soma 350mg is the maximum dosage available for this medication, by using this immediately you can get a relief when compared to the others. It is white color tablet also it is available in a powder form. The tablet is taken orally usually with food or a glass of water. Depending on a person’s tolerance, height and weight, the prescription can vary between twice to four times a day. In your blood, this drug effect will last up to six hours. The maximum allowed amount of Carisoprodol is 1400mg per day. Given this amount, the maximum strength would be taking 350mg four times a day. The maximum dosage would be 350mg four times a day – thrice during the day and once before bedtime. It is last up to 6 hours so you should not take more than four times a day. In case you miss a dose, it can be taken when you remember. But if the time for the next dose is too close, say, within two hours, no need to take the missed dose.

Soma 350mg is usually prescribed for a short period of time, not more than two to three weeks. Prolonged usage can lead to addiction and overdosing causes a lot of side effects and is dangerous.

Comparison between Soma 250mg and 350mg?

Whether to use 250mg or 350mg is a decision best left to the doctor.

Using Soma has many side effects including drowsiness, lack of energy low blood pressure. Taking a higher strength, although more effective, can also cause more severe side effects.

The 350mg dose can be more effective than the 250mg since the higher strength can effectively relieve more severe pain. For some, Soma 250mg is not an adequate dosage and will require 350mg for pain relief.

The 250mg tablets cause lesser side effects. Many have reported feeling less drowsy or not drowsy at all.

In many cases, the lower dosage of Soma medication is better tolerated than the higher amount of Soma medication. The effects are the same but side effects are lesser.

Those who discontinued Soma 250mg are lesser in number than those who have discontinued the higher dosage of Soma medication due to side effects.

Is 350mg the best dosage?

Whether Soma 350mg is the best dosage is better left for the doctor to decide but the maximum safe strength for a person would be 350mg four times a day. It is better to consult your doctor and seek advice. Once the dosage is determined it should not be changed as overdosing or misusing can cause serious health hazards.