Is Generic Tramadol the same as Brand Tramadol?

Generic vs brand TramadolBoth generic tramadol and brand Tramadol is moreover same in terms of working function as this medication is used in treating the mild to chronic pain. Generic Tramadol is the basic formulation of the brand which as the active ingredient Tramadol hydrochloride. With this medication as a base, all the generic pills are developed. The brand pills have additional chemical compounds that help to recover from chronic pain instantly.

Difference between generic and brand Tramadol

Some of the difference between brand Ultram and generic Tramadol is as follows:

Chemical ingredients:

Both the medication has similar active compounds, the generic medication is developed from the brand Tramadol pills. Even if the drug has same chemical formulation, both are developed by different manufacturers and there are slight variations in ingredients.

Variation in appearance:

The color and shape of the generic Tramadol are different from brand Tramadol medications. The shape of the pill appears based on the dosage. For 0.5 mg the med will be an oval shape in orange color, for 0.2 mg it is white color, 1 mg appears in light blue and the 2 mg looks in white color in a bar shape. Other than appearance both of the medications have the same viability, ingredients, and side effects.

Price of the medications:

The price of brand Ultram is higher compared to a generic version. As this Tramadol pills are manufactured by private companies, this price variation is due to the extra powerful compounds present in the medication to treat the pain in an effective way and the brand pills are undergone many researchers and testing, this makes the brand pills costlier. The price of generic Tramadol is cheaper as it does not have any patent, unlike brand pills. The effectiveness of both the drug is similar by the way.

Tramadol and Ultram – Which one to choose?

It is based on the individuals, whether to choose Tramadol or Ultram pills. People who cannot opt for the brand pills can choose a generic drug based on your physician consultation. Both the medication have more or less same chemical compounds so the working function in curing chronic pain will be of the same effect.

Even though generic and brand Ultram is used for the same purpose, the active ingredient in the drug may differ, so the addictive nature of the drug changes as per the dosage. So, before taking the treatment for pain relief consult with the physician whether the drug can make you addictive and how to avoid dependence on the drug. By following the physician suggestion and prescription you can get the medication positively.

By this, we can come to know that Tramadol and Ultram are used for the same purpose, which works similarly in treating the pain sensation in the body. Since both the medication is certified as a prescription drug by FDA association, taking it without a proper medical script can lead to addictiveness and tolerance to the drug. You can choose any of the above medication either Tramadol or Ultram based on your preference or doctor suggestion to get through the pain relief treatment.