Facet Block Procedure St. Petersburg FL | Nerve Block for Back Pain


Patients at Pain Relief Centers get pain relief with facet blocks and nerve blocks. Our doctors can help determine the cause of your pain and diminish it with these proven pain relief solutions. Patients from St. Petersburg, Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, Tampa, Bradenton, and Gulfport, FL, seek out the experienced team at Pain Relief Centers for buying Tramadol online.

St. Petersburg FL: Facet Block Procedure & Facet Injections Alleviate Back Pain

After you have been seen by our pain management physicians in St. Petersburg FL, one route of treatment that may be beneficial to you is a facet block procedure. Simply put, facet blocks are injections of a numbing medication into the joints of each side of your vertebrae. We determine the area of your back that is in distress and target the treatment to that area. Facet joint blocks are used for patients with arthritis and other conditions. A facet block procedure in St. Petersburg FL can instantly improve back pain.

How to Reduce Back Pain with a Nerve Block Injection in St. Petersburg FL.

The physicians at Pain Relief Centers often use nerve blocks for various purposes. One of the main reasons we order a facet nerve block for a patient is to determine if the pain in your back is being caused by nerves. Another common use of a nerve block injection is to treat back pain through the use of anesthesia. Patients can experience a great deal of relief from a nerve block injection.

How to Diagnose the Cause of Pain with a Sympathetic Block in St. Petersburg FL

The first appointment that any patient schedules with Pain Relief Centers are a consultation. Our physicians assess your medical history and work to understand your pain issues. A sympathetic block in St. Petersburg FL is used to diagnose and treat pain conditions. Sometimes patients experience pain in their extremities, which is a reaction of the sympathetic nervous system such people can choose to buy Soma online as this medication can get you the pain relief you have been searching for.