Epidural Injections for Back Pain St. Petersburg FL | Spinal Epidural


If you are tired of your back pain robbing you of your freedom, then come to the experts at Pain Relief Centers in St. Petersburg FL. Our years of experience and advanced education have given us the tools to relieve your back pain. Epidural injections for back pain transform your life!

How Do I Know if I Need Epidural Injections for Back Pain?

When you are a patient of Pain Relief Centers in St. Petersburg FL, we will discuss your concerns and assess your pain. After you have had your initial consultation with a physician and we have explored various treatment options, one of the solutions may be epidural injections. In some cases, we will order a CT scan or MRI to find the exact cause of back pain. These tests are not painful and are used to get an image of the irritated area, to see what part of your back or spine is injured. Seek out the most educated and experienced team in the area at Pain Relief Centers. We proudly serve patients from the communities of St. Petersburg, Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, Tampa, Bradenton, and Gulfport, FL. If you don’t want to go by injections then you can opt for buying Tramadol online – effective pain killer for back pains.

Woman receiving an epidural

Spinal Epidural Injection to Treat Neck, Mid-Back, and Lower Back Pain in St. Petersburg FL

A spinal epidural is a pain relief option for patients experiencing severe back problems. A spinal epidural injection is a treatment for cases of spinal stenosis and herniated discs. This procedure is considered to be safe and the injection is directed with the help of a scan that shows the area of inflammation. This is a non-surgical treatment option that provides potentially long-term pain relief.

Epidural Lysis of Adhesions in St. Petersburg FL

This pain treatment is to alleviate the pain from scar tissue in your spine that has been caused by other injuries. The nerves surrounding your spine may not be able to move normally, which leads to back and leg pain. Pain Relief Centers can perform the outpatient procedure of epidural lysis of adhesions to relieve your pain by inserting an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic into the injured part of your spine. Epidural lysis of adhesions may give you several months of pain relief. For faster relief from pain choose to buy Soma online.

Are Epidural Injections Safe?

When you get epidural injections at Pain Relief Centers you know that you are receiving treatment from an experienced and caring specialist. It is our passion to provide long-term pain relief to patients so they can restore their quality of life. We use precautionary measures to be certain that were are inserting the needle into the right part of your spine. Our doctors use a dye to show that the needle is being injected into the correct spot.