What Is Soma Prescribed For?


Soma, with generic name Carisoprodol is used to treat muscle pain and discomfort for short period. It is generally used together with physical therapy and rest to cure acute pains in muscle. The drug is prescribed only for adults and can be used only for 2 – 3 week time period. For more information about soma and its potential to treat different types of pain visit ordersoma.org.

Soma medicine helps to relieve pain and also treats discomfort caused by sprains, strains and other muscle injuries. It works by relaxing the muscles. It is usually referred as an oral muscle relaxant.

Usage of Soma Drug

Take Soma for pain

Soma medicine is an oral drug that can be taken along with or without meals. There are also talks that it can cause latent tetany but it has still not been proved. It can be taken 4 times a day at regular intervals as per prescription. The dosage of the drug is based on the medical condition of the patient and the response time of the medicine. Buy Soma which medicine must be used for a short term that is less than 3 weeks. The medication period should not exceed unless directed by the physician. The dosage of the drug should not be increased without prior advice from the doctor as it might be life-threatening and increases the risk of side effects. In case of overdosage of the medicine seek doctor’s advice immediately.

Precautions before taking Soma

Before taking the medicine, it is always advised to give your medical history to your physician. Tell them whether you are allergic to carisoprodol drug or other medicines. Also tell whether you are under medications for other problems like sleeping, cold, allergies and sedatives. Persons with kidney and liver problems need special care before taking this medication. If the patient who is under Soma treatment for pain becomes pregnant, then she needs to contact the physician immediately. Also it may make the person drowsy. So avoid driving or operating any machinery as it may cause adverse effects. Do not consume alcohol when you under treatment as it increases the drowsiness.

Side Effects of Soma Medicine

Regular intake of right Soma doses brings numerous side effects. General Soma side effects of drug are drowsiness, fainting, nervousness, depression, lack of sleep, low or increased heartbeats, nervousness, seizures, headache, irritability etc. It may also cause withdrawal reactions too, in the case of using the drug for a long time period or in case of high dosages. When you withdraw the medicine suddenly, it may cause side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea, lack of sleep, stomach cramps etc.

Important note

When you incur any of these symptoms seek your doctor’s advice, so that he / she may gradually reduce the dosage of the medicine. It is a habit forming drug hence it is advised only for short usage. The addiction towards the Soma misuse medicine may increase if the person under treatment has abused alcohol or drugs in the past. So those patients are advised to stick their doctor’s prescription to reduce the risk of addiction.